Craft Cannabis Cultivation

Rio Vista Farms is our In-house flower grown, packed, and distributed by us and only us. We pride ourselves on quality cannabis at a fair price. Farm Direct prices are what we like to call it. Because of our methods, Farm Direct means all the savings get passed on to you because we monitor and maintain it from seed to shelf.

Mochi is a RVF favorite. When you look at the plants when they are flowering, Mochi is a little like looking into the Garden of Eden. You’ll get a complete fruit and berry inhale, but expect a hint of mint upon exhaling. SUNSET SHERBERT X THIN MINT GIRL SCOUT COOKIES, hybrid. Fills up dark green with nice, beautiful orange hairs.

Death Star grows wild. Taking over the full space around the plant. It grows green, and the bud grows dark. Upon inhaling, you will taste mango, citrus, and earth notes. After consumption, expect to feel the full effects within minutes and let yourself fade into a smooth daze.

This historically known sativa strain has been around since before most of our times. Its notable sativa effects are what bring people back for it again and again. Coffee and Citrus comprise most of its flavor profile, making this strain a strong candidate for the good old-fashioned wake-and-bake.

Peanut butter breath flies off the shelf because it is a customer favorite. The combination of Dosidos & Mendo Breath F2 creates a beautiful deep purple plant with a balanced high. It’s a relaxed high that will keep you mellow and your mind like Jell-O. You can expect some couchlock from this deep purple plant and a nice woody, peppery flavor from the inhale.