RVF 1g crumble-infused pre-rolls:
  • Made of .7g RVF indoor flower and .3g of crumble made from RVF indoor smalls
  • Flavor will come strongly from the crumble
  • Different Blends of strains in flower and crumble will be made often
  • Fast acting, tasty, and perfect for sharing or blasting off solo
  • Incredibly competitive pricing compared to other infused products
  • RVF 1g Bubble Hash & THCa Infused Prerolls:
  • Made of .7g RVf Indoor Flower, .15g of Bubble hash, and .15g of THCa
  • Indoor smalls mixed with even blend of THCa and Bubble hash
  • Bubble hash and THCa made from RVF Cannabis
  • Full flavor from the bubble hash pairs with the potency of the THC for an uplifting but balanced high
  • Potent and earthy flavors
  • Full body high
  • Intentional pairings of Flower and Bubble hash